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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Switcher

Mike's family hadn't taken him to amusement park in ages, but for his 12th birthday they decided he would enjoy a rare treat! His eye was immediately caught by a new ride called "The Switcher" and begged to go on it. His dad joined him while his mom went on a walk with his little sister. Certainly, none of them expected "The Switcher" to be so literal! As they approached a sudden stop in the ride Mike experienced what felt like his soul flying out of the ride--heck, out of his body--continuing to sail past the ride's construct into the general park. Mike thought this ride was the most amazing thing ever until he realized the feeling didn't seem to be stopping! His soul crashed into a group of people! It felt like he had hit a ton of bricks and somehow he actually DID leave the ride. He cursed the park's safety features when he noticed everything seemed...different. He was in the park's gift shop and spied into one of the sunglass mirrors--GROSS! He was his own mother! Somehow The Switcher had switched their bodies! It got worse; he found out his dad had swapped with his kid sister! Mike grabbed his dad's hand, setting to go back to The Switcher to try and change back, but when they got there a sign hung over the ride: Out Of Order.

1 comment:

  1. I would have loved to get such a ride back when I was still a child.