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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Damsel in Distress

Walter knew it had been stupid to go into that restricted area based on his friends' dares. Apparently, it was a secret laboratory where weird experiments were being conducted. He saw a woman's body with her head hooked up to electrodes; it looked like torture or something. He about to run back and report his findings to the police when a man snuck up behind him and drugged him. When he came to he found he was strapped next to the young woman he had seen earlier with similar electrodes on his head. A man in a white labcoat stood by a giant switch; if Walter wasn't trapped in the situation himself he wouldve laughed at the cliche sight. The man flipped the switch and predictable sparks flew. Walter blacked out briefly but came to quickly. In the same cliche manner he had been swapped into the woman's body that was lying next to him! He quickly came up with a plan. Flaunting his new sexuality, he convinced the man to loosen his straps just enough to escape. He ran as fast as his high heeled shoes could take him, but as he started to leave the area he paused. Something about him felt the need to play the hero; to save the damsel in distress...even if that damsel was his body. Plus, he wasn't sure he could manage in life as a woman. He set off back inside to rescue his body and swap back!


  1. I heart this pic. Also, interesting twist on the old story.

    Typo above. I didn't think it would leave it, sorry.