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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Malfunctioning Taxi

When Patrick fell victim to the magic taxi he refused to continue the cab's bodyswapping curse. Eventually, the taxi started to cause him physical pain, yet he resisted. One day a beautiful, young model on her way to a photoshoot entered the cab. He envied her life, but he still refused to steal it from her. The taxi had other ideas. As she left the cab, without warning, the cab swapped their bodies in a quite unorthodox way. Patrick remained in the driver's seat in the model's body while the model went to the shoot in the body ofthe gross, disgusting cabdriver. Neither could deviate from ther tasks. Though Patrick went to bed in the cabbie's apartment, he awoke in the model's home. On the desk were proofs from the shoot the day before. He laughed when he saw the photographs of the cabbie's body wearing string bikinis, expensive fashion, and whatnot. He still couldn't help feeling bad for cursing the model to live the life of the cabbie until she too found a body to swap with.

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