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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Go For It

"Dude," William told his roommate, "I was listening to this record 'Go For It,' and I suddenly started to transform into this hot piece of ass lying on the ground before you. For some reason I just couldn't stop listening until I was finished transforming. For about half an hour after that, I tried to play the record backwards. I'm not sure if I was checking for subliminal messages or thought it could reverse whatever happened or what, but after that I just sort of accepted it. In fact, I've listened to it several times in a row now. I think Im getting just a little hotter each time. I'm ready to start the record again...if you're game? Trust me, you'll love it."
However, when William's nerdy roommate listened to the record, it had a different effect. He facial features became ruggedly handsome, he muscles swelled, and he became very well endowed. Upon the next listen of the record, the two did indeed "Go For It" and made love right there.