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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Country Boy/City Girl

While most victims of the Great Shift swapped with someone nearby, a few unlucky ones were trapped in bodies many miles from home. Jim had spent most of his life on his Kansas farm, so ending up miles away in New York City was a bigger surprise to him than ending up in a woman's body. He searched desperatly through her jacket and purse for an indication of where she lived. She didn't appear to have a driver's licnse, credit cad, or even a cell phone! No one around could seem to identify her either. He didn't want to spend the night in a cold, unforgiving city without a secure roof over his head, so he made friends with a nearby man, who seemed nice enough. However, the "nice man" was, in fact, a woman very interested in learning about her new sex. After carefully convincing Jim to sleep in the same bed, the two were soon making love. Jim's first nice as a woman and he had already lost his virginity!

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