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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Always check your receipt

“No, no, see, take a closer look at your receipt from the bodyswapping store.” Sam pointed out to the woman he had recently swapped bodies with, “This is the box for days and this is the box for years. You checked the latter after writing in the number ‘three.’ That means we are going to be switched for the next one thousand ninety two days. You can try to take this back to the store, but trying to convince me to go back with you is not going to do any good. I know what I was signing up for, and I have enjoyed my time as you so far. I look forward to the next three years living your life...”


  1. LOL, stpud woman, she deserved that. Looks like he's really enjoying himself :)

  2. CLASSIC, very funny & clever. Great story & use of pic. One of your best. I wonder if after three tears both will be too much into their new lives to swap back?