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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Frat house

Brent had hoped that last night was all a bad dream, but when he woke up he realized he wasn’t. All of his fraternity brothers had their bodies stolen by the members of a sorority last night at a wild party, and that meant that he too was stuck in a body of one of the sisters. Normally, he’d be psyched to wake up with tons of hot women surrounding him, but he didn’t want to be one of them! He felt weird wearing her skimpy nightgown, having breasts hanging from his chest, and who the hell wears heels to bed? Brent didn’t have too long to focus on the changes as his frat brother’s were looking to him for a scheme to get their bodies back.


  1. Those girls must be brain dead to give up those bodies!! Jeez! Great caption though :)

  2. LOL! great use of pic. Excellent story! If the girls dont want to swap back it'll be tough tomake them - they're now larger & stroner. The plus to being a man re no periods, higher pay, more comfortable clothes. great college story.

  3. Women bitch about their clothing among other things, but they don't know how lucky they are to get to wear it all, they make me sick, lol.