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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Plan all along...

Fred would do anything for his daughter, and tonight he would certainly prove it. After a mishap with the Medallion of Zulu, he found himself in her body on the night of her prom. He got into her excessively frilly pink dress with no question; it is what any good father would do for their child. He had been given explicit instructions on how to act and what to do. With any questions, he would send a text message, and he did anything she asked. He kissed her date and slow danced with another boy she had a crush on. He was shocked when a boy asked her to a hotel room--he texted to find out what he should do. His eyes went wide when he read what his daughter told him to do. After a night of pleasure that Fred never expected to experience, the next day the pair still couldn’t switch back. Fred had gotten pregnant in his own daughter’s body! He’d be furious to find out that was her plan all along...


  1. If that was her plan, she's nuts to give up that body!

  2. WOW! CLASSIC one of your best! Great story with Great twist. why did she do it I wonder?