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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Kyle had to admit that the little device was rather cool. It was no bigger than a cell phone, and it could disguise his body into any shape he wanted. As an experiment, he had gone to a bar as a hot woman. All night long, he found that guy after guy was buying him drinks--getting drunk was a hell of a lot cheaper as a woman! When he lost count of what drink he was on, he tried to change back, but the small device didn’t want to work. He cursed his bad luck! Was he going to be stuck looking like this? It got worse when he went to the bathroom and found out that the device didn’t just make a convenient disguise or hologram around his body, but it actually changed his body. He not only appeared to be a woman; he was one!


  1. I certainly wouldn't be complaining. Great use of pic!! :)

  2. LOL OOOPS! NoID or identity or anything Its going to be very intersting!