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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Insider report

Ron was a reporter at a local suburban paper who never expected to get a press invite to the big fashion shows in the City. He was about to throw away the piece of paper when his editor saw it and insisted that he attend and cover the event. Ron groaned. Fashion just wasn’t his thing. Two weeks later, he was at the event and waiting impatiently for the runway show to start. But before the lights could go down, Ron got a headache. He closed his eyes to regain his composure, and when he opened them again, things were different. He was suddenly surrounded by bustle; people were no longer seated but running around. There was some woman with her hands all over him. He didn’t even have time to shoo her away before he saw his reflection from across the room. His eyes went wide when he realized he was backstage, and that he had swapped bodies with one of the models. He knew nothing about how to walk the runway or what he was supposed to be doing--much less how any of this happened!

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant use of photo! intersting story. It makes you wonder what happens next - for example how is the poor model handling it?