Saturday, April 17, 2010

Atmospheric disturbance

No one could understand why the young tarlet suddenly started screaming right before the premiere of her new film. Little did anyone know--how could anyone know--that a freak atmospheric disturbance caused a young man's soul to swap bodies with the star. He had no idea where he was, and it terrified him. To make matters worse, he had no idea WHO he was, as he wasn't exactly up-to-date on all things in the pop culture world...

Gathering (Part 3)

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Max and Steve wished they had gotten to the post-Great Shift clothes swap earlier. All the good stuff had really been picked through, and now all that seemed left were much less essential items like bags and hats. Still, they were a little giddy to be looking at clothes for the first time inside the bodies of women. It seemed they finally understood the appeal of clothes shopping that their sisters and girlfriends had tried to explain to them countless times back when they were men...

Spoonful (Part 2)

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Thomas really just couldn't stop himself from eating more and more of the magical peanut butter that had transformed him into a woman. The first few spoonful had made him more feminine, but each subsequent spoon had a smaller effect. Still, he just kept digging in!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Out in public (Part 1)

When Jeffery found himself suddenly in the body of a woman, he was shocked, to say the least. The first thing he did was try to lift up the strapless top that he found himself wearing. It felt too low and too revealing. After getting over the initial shock of being a woman, Jeffery found that he was out in public, in a group of people. He knew he needed to get out of there...


Herbert couldn't have been more shocked by the results of the Great Shift. He was sure that if he still had his 85-year-old body, it would've had a heart attack from the shock. First, he was a woman! And an asian woman at that (he quickly learned that referring to his new body as "oriental" was no longer politically correct), but what amazed him most was how he was able to contort his new body! He was just so flexible! It was just completely phenomenal to him!


Vince was shocked at what had happened in a blink. One minute he was looking at his own feet, then he closed his eyes for a mere second, and in place of his own dirty sneakers were a pair of high heels! He freaked out as he wiggled his toes to find that the painted one inside the heels obeyed his thoughts. His eyes followed up his new legs to see tight black spandex pants. The shocks kept coming as he continued up his body to find that he now was a woman, wholly and fully.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stormy weather

The thing that Bryan hate most about the Great Shift was having to take responsibility for the foolishness of others. Knowing a storm was coming, he had prepared and was settling down with some hot chocolate in front of his fireplace. But the next thing he knew, he was in a car skidding on the road. He managed to pull over, and he luckily found snow chain for the tires in the trunk. But he could not believe that he was having to do this for someone else's car...not to mention having to do it in someone else's body! Someone, he might add, who was a woman and very poorly dress for the cold winter conditions. He simply hated the way the chilly wind blew on the nylons he was now wearing!

Who could have done this?

"Alright, Joan, you've had your fun. Now swap our bodies back," John demanded.

"What makes you think I'm responible for this! How do I know that you didn't do this, and now your accusing me to cover up?"

"Like I'd want to be a subordinate secretary with two huge mounds of flesh on my chest and a void between my legs?"

"As if I'm enjoying being in YUOR body? I feel like a hulking brute! And I'm all hairy and rough! I miss being soft and smooth! But if neither of us is responsible for this, who could have done this to us?"

Not going well

Anderson had been desperate to get out of the disgusting lower-class body of the taxi cab driver that he had been stuck in, so he (in turn) stole the body of the first wealthy-looking person that he could. He had given a ride to a young woman down to the financial district, and he saw his chance. The next thing he knew, he was exiting the cab in her body. However, his new life wasn't easy from the moment it started. He found walking in her designer heels to be impossible, and a car going the other way slashed him. This new life wasn't going well...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New life

George had a lot to be happy about when he woke up one morning to find himself in a new body--the body of a woman--with a new life. He loved the vast warddrobe, the great view from his pent house apartment, but the best thing about his new life had to be his fantastic bottom. He ran his hand over it while gently moaning. This would be a great new life...

Giving in

It was one thing for Justine's boyfriend to be totally mooching off her, living in her house, and not contributing, but every since he had stumbled onto a website that transformed his body into a woman's, he had been borrowing her clothes and makeup as well. Frankly, she was quite fed up with it. She came home one day to demand he leave, but he begged her to let him stay as he was in the middle of going through his history to try and relocate the website that transformed him, hoping to return to normal. So far no luck, but he needed to use her wi-fi and computer if he had any chance of returning to normal. She ultimately gave in...


Derek had mustered up all his courage to ask Dawn out, to which she could only respond with a look of shock and disgust. Derek would've cried if not for what happened next. A strange surge of energy shot out from between the two, swapping their souls. Derek in Dawn's body nearly fell over backwards onto a railing, and Dawn in Derek's body could only look in shock as he could now see his own body from the outside. It took Derek's anger over Dawn's look of disgust another moment to fester, and then he let out a stream of words, "Get away from me you loser! Freak! Nerd!" Derek wanted to make Dawn feel as bad as she had just made him feel.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Only a suitcase

It had been going so well! Six months ago when the Great Shift hit, Dean was fortunate enough to end up the body of the woman who ended up in his body. Both curious about their new anatomies, they instantly hooked up. It wasn't long before the two were dating. The two moved in together a few weeks later, which eased the transitition of being in a new body. However, now Dean had been kicked out. She had found someone new, and Dean was left with only a suitcase of his clothes--well, they had been HER clothes only six months ago, but they were his now!

In this together

Otto was finding it difficult not to laugh, seeing as how the accident had caused his dad to swap bodies with his 12-year-old sister.

"I don't know what you're so happy about," his dad sneared, "It's not like you ended up much better. Sure, you swapped with your girlfriend, who is a few years older, but your still a GIRL just like me. We're in this together, Son!"

Brainsucker (Part 2)

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Chris wasn't the only one to fall victim to Tonya's brainsucking powers that night. Earlier in the evening, she sucked out Chris's brother Brian's brain, as well as the brain of her own friend, Hannah. Instead of switching with one of the two, she decided to switch Hannah and Brian with each other. Both were too afraid people would think they were crazy if they were to say anything. Quite a shame, because Chirs would've really appreciated the warning.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Some girls have all the luck...

Jenny was a little disappointed with the Great Shift. She has swapped bodies with an asian woman and found her new breasts were much smaller than the double Ds she used to have. She stopped another woman passing by, "Hey, you lucked out! You got some huge breasts after the Shift!"

"I'm not supposed to have breasts at all," retorted the woman, "I was a GUY before this Great Shift!"

Jenny jealously sighed. Some girls have all the luck...


Screams, shock, and even laughter, these were all reactions to the Great Shift by the four men who suddenly found themselves in the body of women. Gus curled up in a ball. Doug laughed as he pushed the long hair out of his eyes. Mark quickly covered his mouth after hearing the high-pitched screamed that came out of it. Rob didn't care how high his new voice was; this was a time for screaming.

This feels great!

Maggie was a little worried about how her boyfriend would react after she accidentally swapped bodies with him using a magic spell. She ran outside to the beach where she cast it to find her boyfriend in her body playing in the ocean.

"This feels great!" he shouted with her voice.

Maggie was a little concerned about how happy her boyfriend was to be inside her body, but at least he wasn't angry!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

What choice did he have?

Grant was a little nervous to head outside of the house he found himself in after the Great Shift. It wasn't the fact that he was now a woman, but the woman's fashion sense was just a little wild, and Grant felt a little uncomfortable showing off a body that wasn't his. Still, what choice did he have?

Make a break for it

Graham and Max laughed from their new bodies. They had stolen the lives of two very attractive women and looked back at the women now realizing they were in the bodies of two middle aged men. Though they enjoyed the laugh, they didn't really have time to take too much pleasure in the situation. After all, they didn't want the women to see them; best make a break for it while the women are still in a state of confusion!


The cell phone rang, and Tyler hit ignore. It rang again; Tyler just let it ring. Finally, a text message appeared on the phone. "Pls give me my body back! -Rachel" Tyler thought about not responding, but he figured that his girlfriend (or more likely now his ex-girlfriend) deserved some kind of closure. He slided his fingers over the keypad to text, "No f*ckin' way!"