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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"BS" (Part 1)

Brandon wasn’t quite sure where the App on his phone came from. It was only labeled “BS.” When he tapped it, a dialogue appeared asking “Switch with nearest service user?” He selected “No” a few times and the App just quit. His curiosity got the better of him eventually, and he selected “Yes.” A second dialogue appeared stating, “Warning! Nearest service user may not have BS App. Continue?” He selected “Yes” again. A few more warnings and agreements appeared, he selected “Yes” to all of them. The App finally finished. It seemed to do nothing at first, and Brandon let out a grunt of disappointment. He was ready to delete the App when a light encompassed him. He heard a voice, “Sandra? Are you still there?” Brandon was shocked--he looked down to find out he now had a woman’s body! Did “BS” stand for brain switch? Body swap? He hung up and examined Sandra’s phone. She had the same cell provider, but didn’t have the BS App! For the time being, he was stuck in her body!


  1. Wonderful caption :D Thanks! I love this kind of technology :) Wish I had it.

    1. very interesting story. Good use of pic. Poor Sandra!