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Sunday, February 19, 2012


Even though Robert had been CEO of the company for four decades, he felt he was starting to lose some respect and control of the boardroom. He placed much of the blame on The Great Shift, which had caused him to swap bodies with one of the company’s interns. Despite his years of hard work, he now appeared young and inexperienced in the eyes of many of his colleagues. He also wondered if sexism played a factor, considering the gender of his new body.


  1. At least he's cute now ;) There are other ways for him to climb the corporate ladder I'm sure ;) lol

  2. Loved it. Great caption. Well said Madswapper.

  3. Very cute & sexy pic, and cool story, as all yours are. I don't comment much, but I check your site once a day. I particular like images with woman wearing tights/pantyhose/stockings/nylons/leggings whatever you want to call them. I wish that there was a tag for stories involving pics like that (as with high heels), but I guess that'd take a lot of modding of old posts on your part :P. Anywho, keep it up!

  4. Was she swapped into his old body? That sucks lol.