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Monday, February 27, 2012

One night (Part 7)

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Several months later, Zach was beginning to regret his decision to switch bodies with Denise. He still enjoyed having her sexy body, but he wasn’t enjoying her life. He had a graduate degree and worked as a particle physicist with a good salary, but Denise had a GED and worked as a bartender, which  meant that Zach now worked as a low wage bartender. Plus, he almost immediately used her small amount of savings to buy expensive designer clothes--they just made him feel so hot! He knew he could never ask Denise to switch back now (nor would he ever want to give up her body, no matter what it meant), so he had to develop a new plan--find a rich husband!


  1. ROFLOL! brilliant! Great contination. I loveit that they switched lives so thoroughtly. PLS continue - may be can talk Denise into marryinghim/

    Major question why can denise do his old job as a partical physiist?

  2. Very good story. I hope a good new chapter nest
    Thank you