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Sunday, February 26, 2012

In the flesh

It had ben thirty years since Buddy had walked into the old mansion. His body had been instantly possessed by a ghost. This forced his own soul out of his body, and he had been living, trapped in the mansion, as a spirit since then, waiting for another to enter, so that he could steal there body. It was now time, three decades later when a woman entered. Buddy didn’t want to be female, but he was sick of being stuck in this mansion, trapped as a ghost. He  swirled his form around her and began the process of taking her body. Son he was in control, and her soul was pushed out. He left the mansion, happy to be in the flesh again.


  1. Excellent caption :) Reminds me of an interactive story on, called 'House of Doom'. Very good indeed :)

    1. excellent horror story! Poor girl but you really can't blame the guy

  2. I bet that body feels as good as it looks :)