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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Making it work

Dan and Theresa were high school sweethearts excited for prom in a few weeks and graduation in a few more. Their blissful lives were thrown into chaos when the Great Shift hit. The couple considered themselves lucky; they swapped with each other. With their love, they figured that they could simple continue on as before, except with their roles reversed. For a while, they tried to adapt to their new gender roles, but both felt that it didn’t quite work. However, they weren’t about to give up on each other, and developed a plan as they got ready for prom. Dan cut his hair short to the boyish manner he was used to; Theresa had extensions put in. Dan bound his breasts to give himself a more manly figure--even if his suit was a little big on him--; Theresa had her dress altered to fit her more masculine frame. Dan wore lift shoes to give him some extra height; Theresa padded her chest area to give the appearance of breasts. It all seemed to click into place again. It all felt right. The night of prom was magical for the couple. They may have switched bodies, but they were committed to making it work.

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