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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Change of plans (Part 1)

Tom had just graduated high school, but he had no plans for the future, no plans to go to college, and no plans to find a job. For the time being, he just lived with his parents and rode his skateboard around. He often went through the park, passing by elderly folks feeding the birds, high school kids on the ball fields, and young mothers with their toddlers in the playground. While passing by the latter group one day, he took a nasty spill. It didn’t feel like he had lost his balance. It just felt like one minute he was on his skateboard and the next it was rolling by not far away. He didn’t feel hurt, so he hoped back on and continued home. His mother was waiting on the steps outside when he arrived. When he arrived, she broke down in tears. Tom tried to console his mom and get her to tell him what was wrong. Between sobs, she told him that there were news reports on the television about a massive body swapping incident. She hadn’t been affected, but she was so sad to see that he had been. Tom laughed. Had she lost her mind? But then he looked down at himself, and the reality set in. He had swapped with one of the mothers in the park! His laughter quickly faded as he joined his mom in tears.


  1. Great stuff!! I'm looking forward to seeing this series continued :)

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