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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Court side (Part 3)

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Click here for Part 2.
For the next few weeks, Sam enacted the same plan. He borrowed the body of a woman with court side seats, and then switched back at the end of the game. But then one day he discovered that he couldn’t switch back! He tried his best to smile, to try and not give away that anything was wrong. Plus, he thought about the bright side. He had swapped with this woman several times now, clearly she was well-to-do enough to have court side seats. It might not be so bad being stuck as her.


  1. Wonderful caption :) Thanks for continuing.

    1. very well done. what a sexy babe in a sexxy outfit!

  2. What's the name of the woman the photo was used for? I love the captions, but now I really want to look up images of her.