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Sunday, May 27, 2012


Victor didn’t know why he was apparently the only one at his school able to see the Role Exchanger and its effects, but after seeing what it could do, he had been trying to avoid it. He had been successful at doing so until about quarter of three when it finally got him. He found himself in Brianna’s body; she was easily the most popular girl in school, but she was also a total bitch. He could feel his mood souring, so he was relieved when he discovered the Role Exchanger wasn’t done with him. He switched heights with Kevin, the school’s lead forward on the basketball team. Brianna’s legs looked even sexier with this added height, and Victor sneered with delight. His personality jolted severely, gaining a more humble and shy attitude from a quiet girl named Mary (who Victor lost Brianna’s bitchiness to as well). With a final switch, his brain was filled with knowledge from the school’s computer professor, Dr. Parker, a Mensa member who joined the faculty after retiring from a think tank. Dr. Parker now probably had Victor’s C+ high school student intelligence. Victor felt pretty lucky with the results of his encounter with the Role Exchanger, much better than how others had faired. As he thought about it, the Role Exchanger floated away, leaving everyone stuck.

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