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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tourist (Part 8)

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After an unsuccessful search, Todd decided to return to his hotel room. When he arrived, his body was there, yelling loudly in Japanese while being dragged off by the police. This was bad. Assuming he could even find the thing that swapped their bodies now, he’d have no way to get to his body if it was in prison. Then even if he could, he’d have a criminal record--he doubted a bodyswapping defense would hold up in court!

He entered his hotel room with a somber look on his face. He didn’t know what to do now. He didn’t know what his next step would be. He sighed. Maybe for now he’d just take a shower, relax for a little bit, and get some sleep.


  1. No man in his rightful mind would give up that sexy little body anyway ;)

    1. Thanks for continuing. Poor girl, hell poor him. Now he's an illeagal alien!
      Very good story, both LOL & dramatic. I guess one thing he'd better learn Japanese! His american Identity is in Jail or the nut house.