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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tourist (Part 9)

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Todd felt a little guilty about removing the clothes he was wearing. Despite the fact that he may be inside of it, this wasn’t really his body. After taking a shower, he immediately wrapped a towel around himself. He started digging through her suitcases for things. He found facial scrub to get the layer of makeup that he wasn’t able to fully clean in the shower of his face; he found a small portable game system in a small bag. But when he looked for a change of clothes, he found his biggest shock. The suitcases weren’t filled with clothes, but instead piles of cash! Where the heck could this woman have gotten al of this from?


  1. Brilliant ninth part, thanks :)

    1. WOW! the plot thickens! Very good story & series of pics. I wonder what his old body was arrested for? And what about all that money? Nice touch removing her make up

      Thanks for continuing