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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dodged a bullet

As his wedding day approached, Brian was starting to have doubts about marrying Shelley. She had just slowly morphed  from the sweet woman he had dated into a total bitch. But with the wedding right around the corner, he knew it was too late to back out. Even as he stood at the altar, he wanted out. The moment before he said, “I do,” the world froze. Things got blurry for a moment, and his perspective changed. He was suddenly looking at Shelley’s back instead of her face. He soon discovered he was now inside the body of one of her bridesmaids, Brittany. He had no clue how it happened, but he had gotten out! He had escaped! He had the biggest smile in the crowd at the reception, watching his old body dance with Shelley.He didn’t know much about Brittany’s life, but he knew he dodged a bullet here!


  1. Wow, I'd love to have a body like that :)

  2. LOL! very clever. We don't know if Brittiny did it, if he was a result of his wish - or. Nice transition of sweet to butch - geetting mariedd his true nature was slowly revealed. I wonder how he will do as Brit?