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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ill-fitting revenge

Roy had regretted the words from the moment he said them. He loved his wife, and he never meant to hurt her feelings. But a few too many drinks on the first night of their vacation and he spouted off oh-so-stupidly too her that she had small boobs. He only made it worse when he told her it wasn’t her fault, that it was just her Asian genetics. She ran back to the room crying, and Roy spent hours apologizing before falling asleep. But karma had overheard Roy’s foolish comments as well, and decided to play a little prank. They awoke in their own room, but in the bodies of two other people at the resort--another mixed raced couple like themselves. But Roy didn’t wake up in the man’s body of this couple, he woke up in the woman’s! And while she was Asian, her breasts certainly weren’t small! Roy was shocked, and even more surprised that his wife still insist they go to the beach as planned. Roy tried pulling on his wife’s bikini, but it didn’t fit at all! He was going to be so humiliated out there! His wife smiled; it would be fitting revenge!