Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Break out

When Brian broke out of prison, he knew going back to his hideout was the worst idea, but he had something hidden there which would ensure he’d never be found. He dug through the box hidden under a floor board to find it--a strange looking gun that was actually a bodyswitching device. He smiled as he looked at the device in his hands, and that’s when he heard them. Sirens. The police had found him so fast. It looked like he would only get one chance at this, and it would be a random one. He fired blindly out the window. At first he thought nothing had happened. The orange dress he now wore was the same color as the prison jumpsuit. But as he rolled his hands all over his body, he could certainly tell the difference. He never would’ve picked a woman’s body had he been able to aim and choose with the gun, but a bit more experimenting, and Brian certainly wasn’t complaining.


  1. WOW! powerful story & great use of pic. Poor girl! What a crime, I am sure he got away with it.

  2. It is nice how so many unpredictable circumstances seem to have very expected results. :)

  3. What a great ransformation.iF I was in his position, I'd happily do my time in the womens prison