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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Housesitting (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.
William continued to try on different outfits in Julie’s wardrobe. He really couldn’t understand why she never wore this stuff; it was SO sexy! He picked out a pick dress, and decided it would be what he wore out tonight. He paused as he saw the medallion on a table. He figured he should take it with him, to make sure it didn’t get lost. But after several drinks, he ended up losing it. It’d be six more days until Julie came back, and he either needed to find the medallion or come up with a good excuse about why he was an exact clone of her!


  1. I once house-sat for my sister, and I had to explain why it looked like someone had been going through her clothes :P... that was difficult enough! At least he's a hot clone

  2. LOL good story & use of pic.Zulo is really cursed!

  3. Go through day four doing things as her. Mid day of day four the real Julie comes home early. After all the suprises and shocks William tells her who she really is. He comes up with a story and tells Julie he notices some dust building up and he figured why not dust the place. That as he was cleaning a Budda she had in the livingroom on a whim and not really wanting it to happen he said to himself "Wow she has a really nice place. If I was a girl
    like her I would wish it like this" Then boom there was a flash and here he now she a copy of Julie she is. Then looks at Julie and says if you doun't beleive it explain this.
    If you like this plot take it from there and add Julie's Kinky exotic side to it their situation.