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Thursday, July 26, 2012

The brain transplant (Part 1)

It was hard for Eric to remember what happened to him last night. He had been drugged and kidnapped. All sort of weird experiments were performed on him as he was passed out. He was ultimately left in a remote house in the middle of nowhere. He awoke as the sun shone in the broken down door. He stumbled to the entrance to examine his unknown surroundings, but hadn’t expected also being in a completely unknown body! He wasn’t aware of any of the experiments performed on him the night before. The final one had been a brain transplant. His brain had been placed inside of a woman’s body! Also unknown to him, his body with the woman’s brain was fine; she was dumped in another run down house, equally far away from civilization and even further from Eric’s location!


  1. Why can't this ever happen to me?? :( Great cap!!

  2. Good stor6 start & useofpic. PLS vontinue & PLS don't forget avout all the other multipart stories that are unfinished