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Monday, July 9, 2012

Coma (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.
The billionaire apologized to Charlie for the deception. The woman’s body he was now in was vital to his companies. She was a spokeswoman, a model, an actress, and so much more. It had been kept it secret when she fell into a coma, and a technology had been developed to switch another brain into her body, so that someone else could continue being successful as her. He had carefully selected Charlie, because he knew he couldn’t resist the offer he would be made. He would continue the obligations of Wu Ji, the woman he now was, but in exchange he would be allowed to lead any scientific development of his choosing. Charlie quickly agreed and within a day found himself walking down a runway in Ji’s body modeling some of the latest fashions.


  1. LOL GOOD STORY & USE OF PIC. PLScontinue. I wonder whatwould happen if SHe woke up in his nerdy body?

  2. I wish i had hold of that machine the panic i would cause
    Kira x xx