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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Drawing the short straw

As he rode the train home from his buddy’s bachelor party, Mark was wondering how he was going to explain this all to his wife. It started off as one would expect; a stripper, beer, and so on. Then the Best Man pulled out a strange device that he said could swap two people’s bodies. Everyone laughed it off, but he insisted it was real. He suggested they all take turns swapping with the stripper through the night; they’d draw straws to see who would go first. Mark got the short straw and was son zapped into the stripper’s body. He was shocked, and so was the stripper! She freaked out, ran into traffic, and got hit by a car. He always thought something like killing a stripper at a bachelor party was nothing more than an urban myth, and of course, he never expected anything like this! The story was just so far-fetched. How would his wife ever believe the truth?


  1. Damn, great cap!! :) Hope he knows how lucky he is :) Thanks!

  2. LOL & OIUCH! wickedly funny story. Good use ofpic. I can't imagine his wife or anyone else believing him. U hope he like stripping for a living!