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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Connection (Part 2)

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Tony tried to assess the obvious first. Everyone in the strange room was originally a guy, though they were all now women. Specifically, they were all now Asian women wearing white tops, tight jeans, and pink heels. A bit of questioning finally revealed one connection, a woman Tony had dated a while back named Anne Kim. One guy had stood her up, another had taken her to the prom way back when they were in high school together. Of course, Tony didn’t have much time to explore this connection further, as music started blaring in the room. But that wasn’t all. Tony suddenly felt an uncontrollable urge to start dancing, as did everyone else in the room. None of them could seem to stop themselves. Tony did his best to catch glimpses of every single other person, many of whom had been awkwardly moving around in their unfamiliar bodies moment before, now had effortless, fluid movements as they danced in their new bodies.

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