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Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Tony could hear a lot of commotion when he awoke. He looked around to see a bunch of women panicking while walking about a strange room he didn’t recognize. He stood up and felt his body move in an odd way; he realized that he too now had a woman’s body. He decided to get the attention of the room.

“Does anyone recognize where we are?” He asked with authority.

The room went silent.

“And this next question may be a bit more odd. Does anyone know WHO they are?”

The room stayed silent until one woman spoke up, “My name’s Bob. I know I don’t look like a Bob, but I awoke in this room in this woman’s body.” The others quickly agreed. It seemed that despite their female bodies, each one of them was actually a man...or used to be a man. They decided that they needed to find a connection.

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