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Friday, March 13, 2015


Tom had been working with the agency now for three years, essentially preparing solely for this investigation. Still, it all seemed quite unreal once the pieces started to finally come together. It all began with research into what was thought to be the biggest family in organized crime. Extensive research on the structure lead many to believe they had found the head of the family, but proof was still elusive. Still, the agency had another trick of their sleeve, and so Tom began investigating not the head of the crime family, but his wife instead. He learned every last detail about her, all to prepare for this. They waited until she was alone at home and literally kidnapped her to bring her to the agency. She yelled and demanded a lawyer, but they weren’t preparing a prosecution against her. Instead, they dragged her screaming body to a machine where Tom was already sitting. After hooking up a few wires and pulling a switch, she seemed much calmer. Of course, she was no longer the one inside her body; it was Tom. Of course, despite studying every last detail, there were things that no amount of studying could prepare him for. He had trouble walking in her high heels; he felt off balance with her heavy chest; he felt awkward in the tight clothes. He knew he’d have to adjust to these things fast. He needed to get back to her house fast in order to start gathering information. He was sure he’d be able to collect the information he needed about the crime family’s head from this very inside position. With his research, there was no way anyone would suspect he was an undercover agent. Of course, even if he made a few slip-ups, body swapping was not something the general public had any clue about, and no one would doubt what their eyes told them about who he was.

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  1. LOL! great story. I wonder if he gets away with it & what baout her in hisbody?