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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Jogger (Part 3)

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It was a bit of a relief that no one in the office seemed to think anything was strange about Walter being a woman. He ended up putting in a long day on the job and stayed late. By the time he got home, his wife was asleep. If anyone would’ve noticed something was wrong, surely it would be her, right? He thought about waking her but decided it could wait until the next morning.

He didn’t sleep much. It wasn’t that he had trouble or that he was tossing and turning. He just felt like he had to get up early, at around 4:30AM. He showered and got ready. As he looked in his closet, he felt slightly better when he saw his own suits and pants, but he couldn’t help himself reaching past them to put on his wife’s workout clothes -- a pink top and spandex workout pants. By 5AM he was out the door with his wife still asleep in the bed. He ran, feeling compelled to jog. Every time he passed by a man, he could feel their eyes staring at him. It was two full hours before he was finally able to stop. He stood outside a house that he knew wasn’t his, but for some reason, it now felt like home. He grabbed a key from under the mat and entered. After all, he needed to finish getting ready for work.

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