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Sunday, March 29, 2015


When the Medallion of Zulu came into the collection of the local museum, most of the staff dismissed it as a piece of junk. Brian, however, had heard about the legends. He asked to take him home for further study. It was rare to allow a piece outside, but no one thought the medallion was of any value. Brian knew he just needed to test it with someone. He asked his girlfriend, Maxine, if she’d like to switch bodies. She thought he was crazy. He told her he didn’t expect to work, but if it did, it would be the discovery of a lifetime. They touched it at the same time, and at first nothing seemed to happen. She rolled his eyes at him, but a few minutes later, they realized they’d have to exchange clothing. Sure enough, thirty minutes later, and Brian now had Maxine’s body and Maxine had Brian’s. They decided to go for a walk. Brian kept complaining about the heels and tight pants he now wore. Maxine just laughed at him until they reached the river. She said she was done making fun of him and asked to switch back. Brain started to say that they couldn’t. Maxine was immediately enraged, storming off but not before throwing the medallion in the river. Brian had wished she had let him finish before she did that. He was going to say that they couldn’t...yet; that they would have to wait twelve hours. Of course with the medallion now at the bottom of the river, they couldn’t ever. He looked down at the river, then at himself. He was going to have to get used to this view. It would be what he saw every time he looked down from now on...

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