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Monday, October 10, 2016

In Flight

Even after landing, Ryan was still a little bit rattled from the flight. The plane veered a little off course in order to avoid some turbulence and flew into the airspace of a strange placed called Exchange Island. Ryan had just been sitting in his seat, listening to music, and almost falling asleep when it all happened. He was suddenly on his feet pouring a drink, which he ended up spilling all over another passenger. The other passenger got quite upset and started yelling at Ryan, but then his anger shifted to a far greater problem when he realized he wasn’t in his own body. Everyone on the plane had now been swapped with someone else. The bodies the pilots were now inside rushed up front. Ryan realized he was now in the body of a stewardess. It seemed their short time over the Island was just long enough to initiate the Island’s swapping ability, but not long enough to trigger a return to normal. It also resulted in a set of new rules warning planes not to fly over the island. To avoid public panic, everyone was asked to maintain the identities of who they swapped into. Ryan was a little nervous about taking over the life of the stewardess and being a woman! But a generous settlement from the airline made it a little easier.

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  1. BRILLIANT! Ilove that they have to take n their bodies lives as well.