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Monday, October 31, 2016

Biology (Part 2)

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Arriving at school on Monday, Evan found out how all his friends had been swapped around as well. He was trying to ignore their gazes, but by the time third period Biology rolled around, he was feeling very uncomfortable. Before class, he and his friend John would talk about what they would do to Miss Khan’s body if they ever got with her. Evan arrived first, and then John sat down next to him. John was in the body of a 45 year old Asian man.

He leered over and spoke, “Guess I can finally actually do some of those things we always talked about. What do you say, Evan?”

Evan shifted quietly in his chair. He wasn’t sure that he could deal with John’s advances and the stares of his other classmates. He was happy when Miss Khan walked in. She was now in the body of an elderly woman. Despite her body, he was sure that he never paid more attention than he did today.

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