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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Side Swipe (Part 4)

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Only a few days later, the doctors told Ben that he’d be sent home shortly. This made Ben nervous. He was hoping to be able to spend a few more days in the hospital before having to go to Lauren’s home and spend time with her husband. He thought about telling people who he really was, but not wanting to risk being sent to an insane asylum, he decided to text Lauren’s husband instead and asked to be picked up.

Ben was thankful that the guy had kept his distance so far, but this would be harder once he was back at Lauren’s. He’d have to set some ground rules about how he wanted things to be. The guy obvious still looks at Ben and sees his wife, but Ben looks at the guy and sees a stranger. It shouldn’t be too hard to pretend to have amnesia; after all, he actually doesn’t know a thing abut Lauren!

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