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Tuesday, October 4, 2016


The entire office was remarkably silent in the wake of the Great Shift. No one said a word and the only sounds came from the humming of computer fans and the shuffling of feet as people made their way from the bodies of the co-workers they had been swapped into back to their own desk. Marshall felt like he was being particularly noisy as he nearly fell over several times. Tina’s body just felt so off-balance to him. He took a deep breath as he sat down. He didn’t feel like doing any work, It didn’t seem to matter where he put his hands; it seemed that he kept rubbing up uncomfortably against an unfamiliar body part.

The awkward silence was finally broken a minute or two later when finally a voice spoke up.

“I guess we should all go home, right? I mean, it’s weird to stay here like this, isn’t it?”

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