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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Shy (Part 1)

No one ever noticed Ling. She had started her job three months ago, arriving early and leaving late. She brought her lunch from home and stayed at her desk the entire day. She was too shy to speak much to anyone, except with one word answers, and very few people in the office even knew her name. It was uncommon for her to be working late and have someone turn the lights off while she was still at her desk. Thursday evening was one of those nights. She sighed when it happened, knowing she should probably stop working and head home. She’d have three minutes until the light of her monitor would turn off from inactivity; it was plenty of time to make it to the door.

She opened an app on her phone to use a car service app to make sure one would be waiting for her outside. It told her that her driver, Mageek, would be there in five minutes.

Ling was as quiet on the car ride home as she was in the office. Though Mageek kept looking at her in his rear view mirror. She didn’t think much of it until it was too late. Mageek turned to her and wished she have a nice night. In the next instant, Ling was now in Mageek’s body! She watched in horror as her own face smiled at her and handed her a fifty dollar bill.

“My name’s actually Michael,” She watched her own lips say, “You’re Mageek now. You might want to build up some confidence. You’ll probably need it if you decide to continue the curse and steal a new body yourself...”

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