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Monday, October 3, 2016

Back (Part 2)

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It turned out, Michael wasn’t called by the government in order to return to his own body. The Great Shift had swapped Michael into the body of a wealthy man; that man wanted his body back and paid the government a great deal of money to be among the first in line. That meant Michael ended up in the body that the Shift had stuck that guy in, which happened to a young blond woman.

As Michael walked outside, he took a deep breath, feeling his chest move in and out as he did so felt odd. In fact, while he hadn’t much trouble adjusting to the Shift’s swap, this one was much more difficult. Being a woman just felt so odd and foreign. He had no idea what he was going to tell his wife.

His only hope was that they would find his own body soon enough. The government had told him that willingly participating had moved him up the list. Of course, even if they found his body, the slow process of swapping meant that he’d still have to be put on a waiting list that was over ten years long!

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