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Friday, November 4, 2016

Check In (Part 2)

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As Mei went to the lobby to check in, Paul slumped down on the floor of the bathroom. Being in the body of a woman didn’t exactly feel like the most ideal way to spend his honeymoon. After all, it was going to be pretty hard to perform the traditional husband honeymoon duties with this body. Or was it?

Technically, it wouldn’t be impossible. While he was in the body of a woman, Mei was in the body of a man. Technically, it would still be possible ... sort of.

It would be weird being on the other end of things, but Paul was sure he could do it. Heck, he had the right equipment; it was just a matter of will. He’d pose all sexy and greet Mei when she walked back in ... this was going to be tough!

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