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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Second Chance

Mitch sat on the curb thinking about how crazy his life had become in the past week. It all started after a late night at his second job. His car had just wouldn’t start and he was forced to call a cab that he knew he couldn’t afford. He ended up opening to the driver and explained about how he couldn’t afford anything, how he was working two jobs, and how he could just not have to live his own life anymore. The driver seemed understanding, but remained silent. Things got weird when the ride was over and Mitch ended up swapping bodies with the cab driver. At first, he was thankful to get a complete new chance at life. But after seeing the driver’s dirty, small apartment, he began to think things went from bad to worse. Then he found a journal that revealed a shocking secret. The cab driver’s body would be temporary; soon enough he’d be swapping with another passenger. It didn’t take long; only about seven days. He hadn’t expected to swap with a woman, but that’s what happened. As he sat there in yet another new body, he wondered if this one was finally his chance at a better life. At least, he hoped it would be.

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