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Monday, November 21, 2016

Open Mic

Taking the stage at the comedy club’s open mic night always took a bit of courage, but Evan had decided to brave it. His first few jokes had bombed, but he was starting to feel like he was building is stride. Then he looked out into the audience and froze. He couldn’t quite believe it, but there was a couple in the front row where a woman’s head was on a man’s body and a man’s head was on a woman’s body. It didn’t stop there either. Above another table was a man’s torso that was clearly attached to long feminine legs in a skirt beneath it. The woman next to him had two very different legs. It didn’t take long before Evan realized that he wasn’t immune from the body part swapping that had hit the room. He was completely changed with all of his new body parts seemingly taken exclusively from female members of the audience. One leg was from a woman wearing a short skirt and black boots; the other (along with the pelvic area)was from a woman wearing black pants and white boots. He had the head of an Asian woman. He wasn’t sure where his torso was from, but he noted that the sleeves on it didn’t match each other along with different color nail polish on each hand meant he probably had the arms of two different people as well. A quick heckle caused him to continue his routine. But he couldn’t help wonder that if no one was freaking out, was he the only one who noticed this all?

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