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Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Trevor was really regretting bringing the top secret body swapping device home from work. It didn’t seem like much harm until the thing accidentally went off and ended up swapping him with Rosa, his housekeeper. He couldn’t tell her about the device, but he insisted that they pretend to be each other until they swapped back. When his wife came home, he pretended to be Rosa and went about cleaning the house. It was hard work. He took a quick break on the sofa and pulled out the device, attempting to swap back. Something went wrong again, and instead of swapping back to his own body, he swapped with his wife. He had to once again pretend he had no idea how it happened...on top of still pretending to be Rosa. She insisted he continue with the chores despite the swap. Trevor knew his wife’s tall frame would never be able to squeeze into Rosa’s work clothes, and the chores would ruin most of his wife’s outfits. He had no choice but to do the chores in her underwear. He began to clean the bathroom, thinking about the mess he was in. Rosa was in his body. His wife was in Rosa’s body. And he was in his wife’s body. But his wife thought Rosa was him and he was Rosa. Plus, he had to make sure none of them blabbed. Work couldn’t find out. This was a really big mess! And the bathroom was pretty dirty too!

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