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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Working for the Weekend

Work had been piling up, so Jim dragged himself in on a Saturday. There was no traffic on his drive in, but he swerved as a bright light that looked like a bomb exploding engulfed his vision. Except it didn’t kill him. Instead, he found himself in the backroom of a church, wearing a white dress, and he was now in the body of a woman! There was commotion outside; it seemed everyone had swapped bodies with someone else. Jim was in the body of the bride as a wedding. He slipped out the back in all the confusion. He still had work to do. He headed to the office, despite his new body and the puffy wedding dress. He sat down at his computer and it got worse, the internet was down. He sat at the other side of the desk and sighed; he wasn’t going to be getting much work done.

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