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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Finale (Part 1)

It was called an “immersive theatrical experience,” and tickets sold out months in advance. Jason’s friends had convinced him to go with them, and he had honestly forgotten about it until they reminded him the night before. He looked over many reviews to prepare. They all raved about the play but kept quite vague on the details. Arriving on Thursday night with his friends, he noted that many people waiting in line wore crazy, artsy outfits. Jason felt a little out of place in his t-shirt and jeans, but was thankful he was with his friends who were all dressed in a similar manner. That didn’t last long.

The organizers of the play insisted on splitting up all groups who entered. People were brought in randomly with others they didn’t know. Once inside, Jason felt like it didn’t seem much like a “play;” more like an abandoned warehouse with a strobe light here or there. There was just enough lighting to realize the warehouse actually had an elaborate set design, but certainly not enough light to appreciate it. And, sure enough, after some exploration, there were actors as well. Though much like it felt like a stretch calling this thing a “play;” it also felt like a stretch calling the people inside “actors.” They just seemed to run around, dance, or just do general odd things. For about an hour, Jason wandered around the dark, decorated warehouse before being lead to a large room. The entire audience must have been in there, but it was far too dark to recognize anyone. The strobes became quicker until it became blinding and a sharp noise rang out until it became piercing.

Then it was quiet and the lights were back on. But everything was different. Very different.

Everyone in the audience seemed to be feeling up their own bodies. It didn’t take long for Jason to figure out why. He looked down at his own body -- except it wasn’t HIS body. He was a woman! He was one of those people he had seen come in a crazy outfit. It was gold with tall black boots. Had he seen her come in? He tried to remember what she looked like.

Then an announcement shot out over a PA system declaring that the performance was over. It couldn’t end like this, could it? With a mass body swapping? It not only seemed crazy; it seemed completely impossible!

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