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Friday, June 16, 2017


“You’re probably actually happy about this, aren’t you?” Dan scowled as he asked the cat next to him, “You always talked about how you thought the life of a cat was pretty great. Now thanks to your crazy father and his inventions, you’re stuck in the body of one, Sarah. And I’m stuck in your body -- not that I ever wanted to be. We should be out there looking for the device, but your dad also seems pretty happy to be young again in my body that I’m not sure he even has any interest in finding his own body or the device.”

Sarah knew Dan was talking to her, but she couldn’t really understand him. Now that she was in the body of her own cat, her brain just didn’t have the capacity to understand language any more. But she didn’t exactly care. Her diminished capacities also meant that a life of sleep, food, and lounging around seemed pretty good.

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  1. One of your bebst Good writing - especially on her thinkinglike a cat