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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Guess We Are

Ronald had walked about a mile down the desolate dirt road wearing uncomfortably tight jeans and even more uncomfortable high heels before he finally came upon a shack. A woman sat in front, holding a beer and looking rather annoyed.

“You gunna complain ‘bout this damned Great Shift thang too?” She asked before Ronald could say a word.

“Great Shift?” Ronald asked, hearing his high pitched voice for the first time.

“Yep. Yer the third person walking by askin’ ‘bout it. Guess we’ve all just swapped bodies. Heck, this ain’t my body either. I just found myself in this cabin in this chick’s body. Ain’t no TV or phone inside, but there was a fridge. This is the last beer though, so don’t expect me to do no sharin’. But yer welcome to sit a spell. I’m guessin’ you ain’t no real chick either.”

“Well, I am now,” Ronald sighed, “I guess we both are.”

“Yep, guess we are.” The woman said as she took a big gulp of beer.

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