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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Got the Job

After graduating college, Joshua headed straight to the hipster mecca of Brooklyn. After finding an apartment, his next task was to find a job. It didn’t take him long to score an interview by applying for a few things online. He knew he was a little unprepared coming into the office. He had forgotten the name of the company, which meant he couldn’t research them in advance. He got a little more confident when he arrived to meet with the hiring manager. Two other people were there for the interview: A Jewish woman from Jersey wearing an outlandish top with stripes and leopard print and a black man from the Bronx wearing a baseball cap and a gold chain around his neck. With his large hipster glasses and brand new suit, Joshua felt that he was at least a little more appropriately dressed than his competition. They were all waiting for a while, then the door to the hiring manager’s office opened. A bright light shone out; Joshua was knocked to the floor. When the light cleared, Joshua first noticed that he was alone. Then he tried to pick himself up off the floor and noticed heels on his feet. He was wearing the top the Jewish woman had been wearing and he also wore the hat and chains the black man had. He was certainly a woman now and his skin was now brown. He realized he had been merged somehow with the two other people in the room. He still thought of himself as Joshua, but he realized that he had no way to really know how much of his thoughts were really his own. Then the hiring manager finally came out of her office with a smile, “Congratulations; you got the job. Now, let me explain...”

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