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Wednesday, June 21, 2017


“Look,” Abe sighed as he explained to his friend Martin, “I know I agreed to let you use that weird device to transform me into a copy of your wife while she’s away, so you’d have a date for that science convention thing, but it’s been three days now. When is she coming back, so I can transform back to myself? A guy can only take so much of high heels and short skirts, you know?”

Martin rolled his eyes back into his head, “Actually, she’s not coming back. I have become so engrossed with creating my device that I took her for granted. She said she was going to leave me...and...well...she did. Please stay like this just a little bit longer!”

“That’s pretty messed up, dude.” Abe wanted to demand to be returned to normal immediately, but he saw the pain in his friend’s eyes, “But I guess I can stay like this just a little bit longer.”

Martin didn’t quite have the heart to tell Abe that he hadn’t perfected his device well enough. He could use it to transform it into someone else, but getting that person back to normal? Well, he hadn’t quite been able to figure that out. And, truth be told, he had actually experimented on his wife, turning her into a copy of his best friend, Abe. She hadn’t been too happy when he was unable to change her back.

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  1. ROFLOL! I love it. I guess BF & wife will be livig each other's lives.