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Saturday, June 17, 2017


After a very scary twelve hours trapped in each other’s bodies, Bill and Eliza wanted to get rid of the Medallion of Zulu for good. The next day, they waded out into the ocean, broke it against a rock, and dropped it in the water. When they returned to shore, the couple were shocked. Even without touching the medallion at the same time, they had somehow swapped from the waist down.

“I have a theory,” Bill suggested, “I think when we broke the medallion, we released the magic. Then when we dropped it in the ocean, the water somehow absorbed the magic, resulting in our swap.”

“Well, that’s all well and good,” Eliza replied, “But is it going to affect other people? And will we be able to come back later to switch back?”

“As far as everyone else, we can only hope no one goes out that far. And for us? I suppose we just have to hope that the water doesn’t dilute the magic before the time we are able to swap back.”

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